AVLabs Portable Photo Gallery Is Like A Smartphone Without The Features

AVLabs Portable Photo Gallery Is Like A Smartphone Without The Features
avl994_finalFor 400 big ones, you can get an AVLabs 8-inch screen with 4GB of storage to share your photos. Or you could spend a bit more and get a smartphone.

Sure, a smartphone doesn’t have an 8-inch screen. But most smartphones will let you connect to a TV to share images and video on a big screen, even if it means picking up a special cable. The AVLabs AVL994 is a one trick pony, working as a photo display device and not much else. Hell, if you’re after a bigger screen than a smartphone, why not opt for a netbook for an extra $100?

The AVL994 does have a direct print that lets you print your pics, and it comes with a “stylish leather protective case”, so I guess that’s something. But ultimately, there’s not even enough storage in this to act as a mobile backup system like the Canon M80. So if there are other devices that do the same (or similiar) thing, but have a heap of other functions as well, we have to ask: Why?


June 2009
Melbourne, Australia

Enjoy your digital photographs anywhere, anytime with AVLabs newly released Portable Photo Album and Presenter – the AVL994. With a cutting-edge 8 inch postcard size display that presents images in uncompromised quality, and stores up to 40,000 of your favorite photographs.

The Album’s ultra thin design allows for convenient portability, without compromising on space. The 4GB internal memory offers ample storage for images, and the flexibility to download images directly from digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives, other Portable Photo Album’s or through a computer. Coupled with the direct print function, you can easily print out your photos at the touch of a button.

AVLabs have set a new standard for viewing and sharing your digital photographs, allowing you to play your images as a slideshow, and the vertical/horizontal display auto switch function, will automatically rotate your photos into their correct orientation, either portrait or landscape. Add to this the stylish leather protective case, which doubles as a support stand for hands-free viewing, and you have an impressive presentation product.

The simple three-button navigation, and the easy to use file/folder management interface allows users to copy, delete and edit their photos all without the use of a PC, making the Portable Photo Album easy to use directly from the box.

Providing three hours of continuous viewing on a single battery charge, the AVL994 Portable Photo Album and Presenter is a trusted presentation product, perfect for budding photographers, as well as everyday users. Distributed exclusively by Audion Innovision, the AVL994 Portable Digital Photo Gallery is available now from selected retailers, with a RRP of $399.95.