Aussie Windows 7 Pricing Announced

Aussie Windows 7 Pricing Announced
 src=You want Australian pricing for Windows 7? You got it. Just don’t complain to us if you don’t like the numbers.

The press release that came through with the pricing details was a little confusing, but here’s what you’re looking at: If you pick up a new PC from today, you’ll be able to upgrade to Windows 7 for free. Okay, free may not be 100% accurate – there may some postage and handling costs involved, depending on which manufacturer’s PC you purchase. You’ll just have to pay attention to T&Cs when you pick up your new computer to find out what you’re expected to pay.

If you don’t want to pick up a new PC, there are prices available to upgrade you from Vista or XP for the Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate SKUs, going for $199, $399 and $429 respectively.

If you want to buy the OS from scratch, you’re looking at $299 for Home Premium, $449 for professional and $469 for Ultimate.

So what do you say, PCs out there? Are these prices reasonable enough to entice you to upgrade come October 22?