AT&T MMS Delay May Be Due To Opt-Out Codes

According to BGR, the reason AT&T isn't going to be ready with MMS at launch is not because of any new pricing plan—it's because of Opt-Out MMS codes.

Apparently, because people were using MMS with the iPhone 3.0 betas, AT&T put an opt-out on all iPhone accounts. So, theoretically, if AT&T manually (yes...manually) removes all of these opt-outs, MMS would work just fine.

As for the tethering delay, BGR also noted that AT&T is still in the process of hammering out a pricing plan—possibly as much as $US70 per month for unlimited data/tethering. None of this is confirmed of course, but $US70 a month for an unlimited data plan with tethering would be way to damn much. [BGR]

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