Archos9 Windows 7 Touch Tablet Poked, Prodded, Discussed On Video

The Archos9 Windows 7 touch tablet has made it through its first round of show floor pageantry, briefly falling into the expectant hands of the guy(s) from ArchosFans. The mildly romantic encounter was captured on video, for posterity.

The most important piece of the Archos9's hardware—its 9-inch resistive touchscreen—works quite well here. (It's on smaller screens where the difference between resistive and capacitive screen starts to stand out, but that's another story.) The rest of the hardware, barring the alarmingly creaky "kickstand," looks solid and attractive, especially considering the $US650 price point. (No release date yet, sadly).

Windows 7, as we know, is fairly well suited to touchscreen, though on this particular device I think the simple addition of smooth touch scrolling for IE would do wonders.

Sidenote: take a good look at this form factor, because it's more or less what the mythical "Apple Tablet" is said to look like. I'm torn: on the one hand, I'd love to play with one, and it could be nice browsing device for the sofa; on the other, I could see getting tired of holding my hands up to the screen all the time, since it's too big to thumb. Just sayin'! [ArchosFans]

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