Apple's WWDC IPhone App Wall Gets The Full Photosynth Treatment

And with that, Microsoft's powerful, underappreciated photo visualiser resigned itself to an inevitable fate, as a promotional tool for iPhone fart apps.

The neatest thing about the Cinema Display iPhone app wall, which Apple stationed in the Moscone centre lobby during WWDC, was how it was animated, sending little shockwaves from each app's icon as it was purchased, which you obviously can't see in this static Photosynth. What you can see, however, is nearly each and every one of the 20,000 app icons listed in the collage, which has been stitched together from untold numbers of individual shots. A few random clicks in any direction will serve up a fresh screenfull of app icons, sometimes familiar, but generally just cryptic and unidentifiable.

To add one more thin film of irony to the situation, this particular Synth was constructed from shots snapped on an iPhone, though the guy behind it—who also made the iSynth viewer app—is now taking outside photo submissions, which is how Photosynth was intended to be used anyway. Embed is below (Silverlight required). [iSynth via Techcrunch]

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