Apple Store Selling Unlocked iPhones Outright

If you're looking at joining tonight's midnight launch of the new iPhone, consider this: Apple retail stores will be selling the new handsets unlocked from tomorrow.

Tipster Huy tells us he spoke with Apple and they told him that the 16GB model would cost $879 while the 32GB will cost $1,040. If true, both those prices are better than Vodafone's outright pricing.

We'll try and confirm this with Apple tomorrow...


    That sounds like a reasonable price to pay...

    Not meaning to be picky, Nick, but you could have confirmed tonight. The Apple Stores are open late. By tomorrow there will already have been hundreds of people lined up - been and gone.

      If you line up for a cell phone at midnight, and they complain the next day when you realise a bit of patience would have saved you a few hundred bucks, then its nobodys fault but yours. If you paid extra for a vodafone prepaid phone then paid the unlock fee, well i call that a fanboy tax.

    Well, this seems fairly conclusive.

    "What to bring:

    Outright Purchase:

    Purchase limits may apply.
    Only credit cards can be accepted for iPhone payment."


    Oh, you can only buy them via credit card, so if you do, and it's a chance of between 10% and 15% rate (i'm not sure if there are actually lower ones), you'll be paying 966.9 for 16GB and 1144 for the 32GB at a 10% rate, more if your rate is higher.

    I'll stick to Vodafone for now thank you very much.

      Raven, you don't have to pay interest when you buy with a credit card. Only idiots that can't manage a credit card pay interest on it...

      Raven, what the hell are these percentages you're on about? If Frog is right in thinking you're talking about credit card interest, then anyone who can't manage $1k on a credit card shouldn't bloody have one!

    this seems orange-ish (that is, unlike apple) but that doesn't mean i'm not gunna pin all my hopes on it :D

    From the apple website

    Outright Purchase:

    * Purchase limits may apply.
    * Only credit cards can be accepted for iPhone payment.

    confirmed - apple store doncaster (melbourne) has the iphone 32gb unlocked in stock for $1040 - but you need to pay by credit card

    What I fail to understand is why are the outright prices are so expensive.

    A 16GB iPod Touch is $419. A 16GB iPhone 3G S is $879. That is $460 more expensive. They aren't exactly the same product, but for the extra $460 all you're really getting is a crappy camera and the ability to make and receive phone calls and text messages. Which are features on any phone these days. A $100 prepaid phone can do this. Not really worth the extra $460 in my mind.

    yay! no more needing to go to silly network retailers to ask to buy an outright purchase... only to be told "these units are for contract or prepaid only, we have to order in 1 for outright purchase"

    Nobody understands impulse purchasers & the bank manager thanks ye.

    Still wishing for an iPhone the size of a Newton MessagePad. :)

    Any word on wether education discounts apply to them?

    Does anybody know if this has to be an Australian Credit Card? Do they take US Credit Cards for an iPhone purchase?

    I'll be in Australia for business and think about bringing one home...

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