Amazing SNES Case Mod Repurposes Super Mario World Cartridge As DVD Drive

Two enterprising modders tore down an Acer Aspire One netbook and crammed it into an SNES to create one of the most droolworthy mods we've ever seen. The highlight? A Super Mario World cartridge refashioned as a slot-loading optical drive.

Modders quangDX and DuPPs managed all kinds of sweet tricks; the SNES's "Eject" button actually ejects the disc from the optical drive, the "Power" button turns the system on and off, the system's USB ports are found in actual rewired SNES controllers, and the main circuitboard is mounted with Legos. I mean, it's like they deliberately tried to pull our heartstrings with that last one.

Other than that, it's got everything you'd want, including VGA-out, audio, ethernet, Wi-Fi, and an LED-lit SNES logo. You can't see it, quandDX and DuPPs, but we're applauding you. [AsoBitech via Engadget]

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