Akai's 'All-In-One' Entertainment Unit Really Is All In One...

akai-aiss010_final_1You have to give it to Akai here. When they say, all-in-one, they really mean it.

First of all, it's a TV stand for your flat panel display. It's got a built-in amplifier, speakers and subwoofer that output at 80 Watts RMS, which takes care of the audio situation. There's an AM/FM radio built in, as well as an iPod dock that supposedly supports all current model iPods, plus USB and memory card ports which can play music directly. For your video needs, there's an upscaling DVD playing with HDMI output that will scale your discs up to 1080p.

The price? An even grand, which seems like a pretty decent price. Sure, I have my reservations about performance quality in any product that does so many different things, but as the base of a secondary home theatre setup, you'd be hard pressed to find better value.


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    I'm thinking serious vibration issues here if your TV isn't the heaviest thing on earth. Especially as there seems to be a glass panel underneath and two subs as legs.

    I saw one today & it looks great, very tidy unit but not sure about vibrations to inbuilt dvd player due to speakers being beside it or what about say an LCD TV placed on top of the unit? Another thing im not sure about is the costs of parts that went into making it, like is it one of those cheap stereo's whith a dvd player just whacked together to make something new with a hefty price tag?? Is the quality worth it??? What is the quality like??? The sales person said they only had one at the moment and because it was in the window it could not be sampled.

    definally would not trust my tv on it but looks like a fair good unit for a stereo =] i would get one if it wasnt for the grand factor

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