Windows 7 Touch Pack Multitouch Apps Let You Fondle the Globe or Play Death Pong

Microsoft's expanding Windows 7's multitouch powers with the Touch Pack for Windows 7, a pretty sweet collection of multitouch apps. Three are Surface apps, like the Virtual Earth 3D Surface Globe (guess what it does?) and Surface Collage. The other three are awesome-looking games.

The Touch Pack only works with multitouch Windows 7 PCs, and will probably come pre-installed on a bunch when Windows 7 hits general availability. (Like HP's TouchSmart, no doubt.) Apparently, there's gonna be a logo deal for Windows Touch you can look for. Ed Bott has some impressions of the apps, if you're interested. (He likes them.)

In Microsoft Garden, you make origami creations do things.

Surface Lagoon is an interactive screensaver.

Rebound is like Death Pong with an electrified court.

Surface Collage is a photo collage making app, where you can save the configurations as desktop backgrounds—and since Windows 7 lets you cycle through them, you can make 'em like a desktop slideshow.

Okay, this is the app I'm excited about because I love simple-but-slick concepts: It's a physics game where you manipulate the machine on the blackboard with gestures.

[Windows Team Blog]

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