Win! One Of Five Terminator: Salvation XBox 360 Games!

Win! One Of Five <em>Terminator: Salvation</em> XBox 360 Games!

Thumbnail image for TERMINATOR_X360_2D_AUS.jpgWhen Terminator 2 came out, I remember reading that Edward Furlong (the barely pubescent kid who played John Conner) was just picked up by a talent scout at the local shopping centre. At the time, I was so jealous, I started hanging out at the local shopping centre on the off chance an Australian talent scout would pick me up to star in a movie about man-killing aliens. It never happened.Which doesn’t bother me so much anymore, because thanks to the most recent gaming developments, I can become John Conner whenever I want by playing Terminator: Salvation on Xbox 360. 5 of you could do the same if you win our competition.

For your chance to win, click through to our original competition post here, then tell us in 25 words or less, “What’s the best way to terminate a Terminator?”. The best five entries will win a copy of the game on Xbox 360.

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