What Lies In The Shadow Of The Statue? Dubai, Of Course!

OK. Sorry for the geeked out LOST reference. Couldn't help it. But seriously, Dubai is planning to build this huge, talking statue for the Zaabeel Park. And I think there's a discotheque in the head.

Called al hakawati (the storyteller), the naked Dr. Manhattan statue will ironically contain a children's library in the feet, some elevators, and will—get this—move as it recites stories to passers-by.

Special joints in the arms and neck will ensure the people lounging around inside don't notice the movement, and that the elevators work properly. The gaudy "Gold Room" (looks like a discotheque to me, hit the link) will take up most of the head, with the eyes serving as view ports.

Dubai has outdone itself again. [Design Boom via Design Blog]

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