What Is The Deadliest Machine Of All-Time? (Heavyweight Division, Round 1)

The Deadliest Robot Competition is in full-swing with the humanoids—but now it's time for some heavyweight matchups. In Round 1 we are pitting Mechagodzilla vs. Megatron.

Which Robot is Deadlier?(online surveys)

Stay tuned for Round 2 of the Humanoid Battle later today. Cast your votes and feel free to suggest a new opponent in the comments.

This tournament poll of the world's deadliest robots was proposed to us by our friend PW Singer, author of Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century which we covered last March. Stay tuned for more of the tournament, more from Singer, and for more scary-arse robots wreaking havoc on fleshy humans and metallic adversaries alike.

Machines Behaving Deadly: A week exploring the sometimes difficult relationship between man and technology.

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