WeSii, XRay And StingRay Add a Pico Projector To Your Gaming Console

Digislide gaming.pngProbably the one truly interesting gadget to come out of CeBit in Sydney yesterday were these Pico projector docks from Digislide, which connect to your console and let you take your games on the road with you.Dubbed WeSii (for the Wii), XRay (for the Xbox 360) and StingRay (For the PS2), these docks are simply prototypes at the moment, designed to work with Digislide's $399 pocket VGA projector.

Each of the docks connects to the console in question, and include speakers, a headphone socket and connections for the Digislide projector (although the prototypes only had wires to manually connect the projector, the end products will let you just slide in the projector to dock properly).

The guys at Digislide are targetting an October release for the gaming docks for all the consoles - the only reason a PS3 model wasn't on display is because they ran out of time. They're targetting a $150-$200 pricepoint for the docks, but at this stage it's impossible to say ow close they'll land. Hopefully we'll hear more closer to October.

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