We Ponder the Social Bandwidth of this Fibre Optic Dress

You may not be lucky enough to have fibre optic in your home, but at least you can feel its powerful pulses of light all over your body when wearing the LumiTop Sophia.

We're not saying that we enjoy dressing up in women's clothing when no one's around. We're just saying that, when we're talking about garments woven from fibre optic cables, a simple dress transcends the artificial social norms of male or female attire. It becomes something greater, something OK for a typical man's man to don during Mardi Gras, Carnival, or hell, any old weekend on the couch watching sports while throwing back some brewskies.

Plus, the LumiTop Sophia costs over $US2000. And if you have that much cash to throw around on one item of clothing in this economy, chances are, everyone will be kissing your butt for a job, not questioning your techno-effeminate taste in fashion. [LumiGram via 7Gadgets]

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