Urban Wi-Fi Dies a Little Every Time a Baby Cries

If you're experiencing slower Wi-Fi connections, and you live in a highly populated area, there is a great possibility that your connection is being challenged by interference coming from baby monitors.

Sources are reporting that other unlicensed equipment that are also operating on the 2.4GHz band—including microwave ovens and audio/video senders, such as specific radios, wireless TV transmitters and security cameras—are causing interference in certain areas of the UK. Reports suggest a way to correct the situation would be to regulate the use of these type of 2.4GHz-band devices, or even warn consumers about Wi-Fi interference by sticking "2.4GHz-friendly logos" onto such devices. This then puts the ball in the consumer's court, forcing you to ask yourself: Would I rather smoothly surf the Internet or... monitor my baby? [PCPro via Slashdot]

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