Trypticon Transformer Changes Into a Decepticon Assault Base Travel Mouse

Trypticon Transformer Changes Into a <strike>Decepticon Assault Base</strike> Travel Mouse

From the same folks who built the undeniably fantastic Ravage transforming USB drive we saw a few days ago, this 800-dpi Trypticon laser mouse is, quite simply, a more formidable Decepticon, and a better gadget.

A 2GB flash drive doesn’t really cut it nowadays, and there’s no functional reason it couldn’t have carried more memory. This, on the other hand, is a fully functioning laser mouse, which works (or should work) like any other compact laser mouse. It’s also a much better Transformer: sure, it’s a little spindly compared to the Trypticon you might remember from your childhood, and it looks suspiciously familiar to the Grimlock Dinobot toy it’s pictured with above, but it folds into an amazingly small package, and one that most importantly isn’t immediately recognisable as a Transformer.

Unfortunately, this one won’t ship until September either, and it’s just as overpriced, at $US60. [Likecool via Gadgetreview]