Toshiba Dynabook SS-RX2: World's First Laptop With 512GB SSD

Despite Asus' earlier announcement, Toshiba is the first manufacturer to bring a laptop with a 512GB SSD to market. The 12.1" screened laptop also boasts a 12-hour battery in a svelte body. We want. Badly.

The Toshiba Dynabook SS-RX2, anchored with a Core 2 Duo proc, is less than 25mm thick and weighs less than 2.5 pounds. Disappointingly, it's Japan-only for now, but we all hope it'll make its way Stateside eventually. Get ready to cough up the green when it does; it costs over $US4,400 USD at the moment due to the prohibitively high (around $US1,500) cost of that huge SSD. But this baby, packed with Windows 7, might just be our dream ultraportable. [Product Page via Gizmodo Japan]

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