Tonium Pacemaker Portable DJ System for Aspiring (and Novice) DJs

The Tonium Pacemaker, contrary to its name, will not maintain your heart's natural beat from the inside. It's a portable DJ system, packing a 60/120GB HDD, that simplifies the DJing process in a pocket-sized package.

Compared to the previous version, this year's Pacemaker brings a "completely reworked" UI that promises to be more user-friendly, along with some nice beat-matching features to make it easier to keep the flow going. A one-click "auto beat match" function and a visual beat graph takes the guesswork out of matching BPI, and the new version will also let you bend pitch without changing tempo, and vice versa.

The solid file support is still there, and the Pacemaker comes in 60GB as well as the standard 120GB versions, and the 60GB is available now for $US500. We're sure it won't be a substitution for a full DJ system, and experts will no doubt look down their noses at it, but for an experienced beginner who wants to be able to fit his rig in his pocket, it's probably a solid choice. [Product Page]

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