Toddler Buys Industrial Excavator Online, 'Doesn't Even Like Tractors'

A 3-year-old New Zealand girl, bored in the early hours of the morning, hopped on her parents' computer and, via auto-logins, managed to buy a used mechanical excavation machine for around $US15,000.

The funny thing is, this is not some tomboy girl who pushes Tonka trucks around going "vroom vroom." No, Pipi (her real name) is described by her mum as "girlie." "Even when she goes fishing she wears frilly dresses," the mother said, according to the Times UK. "I think she was just clicking on the computer to see what happened."

If nothing else this demonstrates the sheer unbridled power of the internet, not to mention its impersonality, its lack of intelligent failsafes, and our insane reliance on auto-logins as a way around the security we all demanded in the first place. Also: Apparently you can buy pretty much anything in New Zealand.

As you can assume, the seller on the auction site took back their Kobelco digger and sold it to someone else, and the girl's parents no longer use their auto logins. [Times UK via Pocket-Lint]

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