The Week in iPhone Apps: Grow Up, Slacker

The Week in iPhone Apps: Grow Up, Slacker

This week’s iPhone apps are all about growing up, taking control, and inheriting new responsibilities. Get a job! Kiss important peoples’ butts! Organise your shopping! Record important things! And for some reason, SLEESTAKS.

Nobody wants to build a resume; it’s daunting, and usually depressing. ResumePRO streamlines the process for you, building a passably professional-looking resume from whatever information you enter into the various fields it provides (previous experience, education, references, pictures, whatever). It’s still up to you to grossly inflate your every modest accomplishment. Unfortunately for its intended audience (unemployed people?), ResumePRO is two bucks.
At some point, everyone has to start shopping like an adult. This means: planning, lists, budgeting, and muesli. Bazaar takes care of nearly all of these things, making it sort of easy to create shopping lists based on recipes, weekly plans, or preplanned lists from a picky spouse. This is definitely one for people with an organizational bent, but the ongoing basket price tally is pretty useful no matter how lazy you are. Three dollars.
In these hard times, you can’t blame people for turning to blatant sycophancy. Try it! Sometimes it works, but it always gives you a good gauge for how much your dignity is worth in the free market. Anyway, ExecTweets is a Microsoft-backed venture to collect and aggregate tweets from power players in a variety of industries. Now it’s got an iPhone app, which lets you peek the minds of various Twitter-inclined bigwigs, organized by industry, topic or popularity. FYI, Lee Iacocca just took a huge dump. Free.
Poddio is a great little sound recorder and editor, and the new free version is just as good, though it cripples most of your file sharing options. Still, it’s a dead-simple app that’s perfect for recording long interviews, meetings or events, and editing down to size with many of the features of a desktop nonlinear editing app. It’s free, but if you want easy recording transfers, you’ll have to go Pro, which’ll set you back ten whole American dollars.
And because, lets be honest, this whole “adulthood” thing is a hollow charade, here’s a game. I didn’t know about this until, like, right now, but Will Ferrel is about to star in a Land of the Lost remake. What the hell? Anyhoo, they made an iPhone game for it, and it’s kinda fun. It’s puzzlier than you might expect, but it’s a great time-suck and above-average for a piece of promotional material. Warning: if you don’t think that everything Will Farrel does is funny by default, do not expect to laugh. If you do, I guess the interspersed quips and quotes might work for you.

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This list is in no way definitive. If you’ve spotted a great app that hit the store this week, give us a heads up or, better yet, your firsthand impressions in the comments. Have a good weekend everybody.