The Tale of the Littlest Lego NES

"One day, I will grow to be a great, big NES," the Littlest NES said with glee. "Just like you, papa!"

The Littlest NES's father was indeed the biggest, strongest NES in all the land. So the proclamation, though one of just a small boy, was not to be written off.

"Actually, son," Father confessed, "your mum was a Gameboy. So don't pick any fights or expect to play in the NBA. In fact, why don't you just stay home and play some video games."

"OK..." the Littlest NES replied, sadly. "But let me get this straight...I'm supposed to play with myself? How's that work?"

And with that, another flawless moment of parenting was entered into the pages of history. [Arkov's Flickr via Albotas via Tiny Cartridge via The Daily What]

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