The Space Station We Were Supposed To Get 40 Years Ago

Across the Space Frontier is one of the most beautiful—if wildly inaccurate—books on space travel, mostly American space-race propaganda. Here are cutaways of the space station and rocket promised to be active by 1970.

It's an amazing work, penned by the pioneer's of America's space program—Wernher von Braun, Willy Ley, Heinz Haber and even a few Americans who didn't come from Germany after the war, such as Joseph Kaplan and Fred Whipple, with detailed illustrations by Chesley Bonestell and Rolf Klep.

It was my dad's book as a kid, fueling his imagination, and it was mine when I was a wide-eyed innocent pre-Space Camp astronaut wannabe. It was wonderful, but never close to correct. I think they even assert that we'd use hypergolic fuels, and we all know where that will get you. Science guys, have a look at some of that stuff in the gallery—I am certain you'll have a good belly laugh. Too bad the thing's out of print, but Amazon does list vintage copies, so get one if you can. [Amazon - Thanks Dad, for sending it!]

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