The Shit Box Is A Cardboard Box To Shit In

shitbox.jpgWhat's made out of cardboard, packs flat and is covered in poop? Answer: The Shit Box.Available from Firebox, the Shit Box is a £16 ($33) flat pack cardboard box that conveniently unfolds to create a portable toilet. I have three problems with this: 1. You poop into biodegradeable bags that attach to the box, which you then have to bury anyway, so why not just dig a hole and squat like our ancestors did; 2. It's 33 bucks for a piece of cardboard; and 3. What happens if the cardboard gives way to your somewhat bulky geek frame? You end up rolling around in your own chocolate fudge cake cursing the whole idea of a toilet made out of cardboard, that's what.


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