The Power Pump Charges Your Mobile Phone With Air Pressure

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for green technology—so long as physical effort is not required. That's where the Power Pump mobile phone charger from Orange falls a bit short.

Should you find yourself with a dead battery when you need to make a call, the Power Pump can provide emergency power via a turbine driven by a foot pump. Apparently, you can generate around 5-minutes of juice in the same time it would take to inflate a standard-sized pillow.

The device is set to be presented at the upcoming Glastonbury Festival (a proving ground of sorts for new technologies in the UK), so it would have to make a big impression there before any real world product would be considered. The way I see it, there are already eco-friendly products in the pipeline that provide a more efficient, less physically taxing form of alternative power. [Orange via Red Ferret via OhGizmo]

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