The Pentax K-7 Shoots 720P Video and HDR

Sure, there's a chance RiceHigh's Pentax Blog has painstakingly fabricated shots and details of the upcoming Pentax K-7, but let's go ahead and list the dSLR's unconfirmed specs anyway.

• 14.6MP sensor with 5.2 FPS shooting
• 3-inch VGA LCD with LiveView
• 720P, 16x9 video at 30FPS
• Integrated HDR (High Dynamic Range) Mode (this feature is essentially an automated bracketing system, but I think that's sorta neat)
• Updated image processing, dust removal and AF systems
•And much, much more!!

Still no word on price or availability, but head on over to the link to see the full rundown on the Pentax K-7. [RiceHigh's Pentax Blog]

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