The Economy Is Turning Us Into A Nation Of Pirates, Apparently

pirates3DM2505_468x345.jpgDavid over at Kotaku has an interesting post about a study conducted recently by the IEAA, which found that in these tough economic times, 64% of Australians are much more tempted to turn to piracy to get their gaming fix, rather than pay full price. Arrr, what a surprise that be.However despite the temptation, 74% of the people surveyed still understood the negative impact piracy has on the economy. The threat of consequence also seemed to have a sobering effect on potential pirates, with 73% saying that knowing they could be punished would dissuade them from pirating software.

It's an interesting read - make sure you head over to Kotaku to read all the findings if you are, or have ever thought of, pirating games.


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