The Definitive Star Wars Wedding

The Definitive Star Wars Wedding
OK, we are done with the Star Wars weddings. Tiger and Issa win starting with her stormtrooper bustier. Unless the Darth Vader marries you in spectral form, no Star Wars wedding will surpass this one:

No, it’s not a show. It’s an actual wedding.

Look at her dress—classier than the Stormtrooper hooker, though—the lightsabers, the decorations, the invitations, the tables, the guests, and the dancing floor with the disco Death Stars.

It’s so tacky that goes around into ultracool kitsch glamour territory, and—thanks to Pat Dy’s great photography—actually makes it look fascinating and/or absolutely nuts. How much money did all this Star Wars orgy cost? We will never know, but for sure many Bothan died to make this possible.

And by the way, can anybody tell me what, in the name of Peter Cushing, is this kid doing at the wedding?

Thank you very much in advance. Check the rest of the photos here. [Patdyphotography via Rock and Roll Bride—Thanks Genevieve]