Space Shuttle Launch Live Video Coverage Here

Space Shuttle Launch Live Video Coverage Here

Space week may be over, but the epic quest to reach the stars lives on. Atlantis is launching today in the riskiest shuttle mission ever. See the launch live. [Update: Atlantis is now in space]

Mission STS-125—which will service and upgrade the space telescope Hubble for the last time—is scheduled to launch today at 2:01 PM.

It seems that everything is going according to schedule. If you have time, watch it live, as they have an astronaut explaining the incredible complexities and checks they have to go through before launching, as well as other details about how the shuttle works. Not to talk about all those awesome voices in mission control saying all kinds of cool phrases like “All systems nominal” and “We hear you loud and clear!”

Seriously, I never get tired of watching this.

Enjoy the show. [NASA]