Sony 400-Disc Blu-ray Changer Is Perfect For Compulsive Optical Media Hoarders

Sony is said to be releasing their previously-spied 400-disc ES Series Blu-ray "Ultra Player" soon, meaning that even the most well-heeled home theatre enthusiasts will have a big enough changer for their expansive movie collections.

Of course, somewhere between three and five people on the face of the planet own anywhere near 400 Blu-ray discs, but lots have old, huge collections that span a few generations of disc technology. Having a giant changer like this would eliminate the need to own a separate BD changer, and if it matches or improves on its predecessor's 500GB HDD and DLNA via Ethernet streaming abilities, could make a solid video control centre for a high-end home entertainment system.

Prices are expected to fall well north of two grand, according to a leaked Swiss product page. [SonyInsider via Engadget]

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