Some Retail PCs May Not Support Windows 7's 'XP Mode'

Seems like that much-applauded "XP Mode" that'll be packed with several versions of Windows 7 may not be an option for those with certain Intel processors, which includes several top-selling consumer retail laptops.

Intel's Virtualization Technology is required to run XP Mode, and several Intel Core 2 Mobile procs don't have VT. CNET specifies that the P7350/7450, the T5200/5250/5270/5300/5450/5470 series, and the T6400/6570, all popular chips, fall into this camp. Current models from Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, and Asus, among others, use these chips.

Of course, there are two caveats here. First, these laptops are the lower-end models from these manufacturers, and aren't likely to come bundled with the premium versions of Windows 7 that feature XP Mode. And, of course, these are current models, and most estimates put Windows 7's release months away, around the holiday season. So it's really more of a concern to potential upgraders than to buyers of new laptops, but it does mean a double-check is in order if XP Mode is important to you. [CNET]

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