Selgas Cano Capsule Office Looks Great in the Forest, Would Look Better on the Moon

Ever wonder what kind of office a cutting-edge architect actually works in? If you're employed at the Selgas Cano architectural firm near Madrid, it looks something like this.

One edge of this long, tubular office is made entirely of glass, simultaneously helping workers feel closer to nature and a bit like they're slaving away in a hermetically sealed research station on a faraway dystopian planet. A unique experience, to be sure.

Though it's not apparent in the first picture, most of the office is underground, zoo-exhibit-style. This apparently helps save on heating and cooling bills, but to try to make a practical defence of such a proudly overdesigned structure is kind of missing the point. Check out Iwan Baan's full gallery here. [Archdaily via BoingBoing Gadgets]

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