Secret New TV Show Looking For Nerds

revenge of the nerds.jpgThis could be the opportunity at geek celebrity your Lego-loving bodies have been waiting for! A new, rather secretive TV pilot is coming and the casting agency is looking for self confessed nerds to star in it. Aside from simplifying nerdkind to intelligent, uncoordinated Games Workshop fanatics, this does sound like a pretty good opportunity, and possibly a bit of fun:

Looking for nerds

Are you mathematically gifted, physically uncoordinated or spend too much time in the Games Workshop?! Then we are looking for you! We're looking for adventurous guys for a new TV Pilot. You need to be a team player, competitive and open to learn more about yourself and others. Email us at [email protected] for more info....

If you reckon you've got what it takes in the nerd department, give it a shot. And if you win lots of money on the show, remember your friends at Giz AU, won't you?

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