Samsung’s 240Hz HDTV Is the Best LCD Around

Samsung’s 240Hz HDTV Is the Best LCD Around
HD Guru just scored the first review with the $US3,200 46-inch Samsung UN46B8000. It’s an LED-backlit LCD that measures just over an inch thick and refreshes images at 240Hz. HD Guru loved the display, calling it the best LCD ever.

The full motion resolution and overall excellent performance places the UN46B8000 at the top of all the LCD HDTVs tested….this Samsung is the first HDTV to deliver the dream of a thin, light weight, bright, clear 46″ large screen HDTV that you can easily hang on the wall like a painting.

Interesting factoid: If you’re watching 24fps content (like a movie), each frame plays 10 times on a 240Hz display. Read that tidbit and lots more in HD Guru’s meticulously detailed review of the world’s new bestest LCD.

AU: Obviously, we won’t get this particular model of TV – if we see it, it’ll have a 200Hz mode, which obviously won’t be quite the same.

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