Samsung Bringing N110, N120 And NC20 Netbooks To Australia

A few years ago, Samsung packed up their Australian notebook division, wrapped it up in bubble wrap and kicked it all the way back to Korea, believing that Australia was just too tough a market to compete in when it came to laptops. Then netbooks happened, and us Australians were left drooling at the feature packed and awesome looking Samsung netbooks from afar, our chances of obtaining one restricted to the potentially dubious grey market. But no longer!As David Flynn over at APC points out, Samsung are releasing three of their top netbooks into the Australian market: The N110, N120 and NC20 models. Pricing is set to start at $849 for the N110, $899 for the N120 and $999 for the NC20, so they aren't exactly hanging out on the cheap side of the netbook scale. But considering some of the features we've seen Samsung claim from these lappies, the extra dollars could be well spent. Or they could be a complete waste... We'll wait until we have a handson before we pass judgement on that.


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