Remainders – Things We Didn’t Post

Remainders – Things We Didn’t Post

Here’s the stuff that we didn’t post today. (Until now, obviously.)

• BlackBerry Storm OS fails Verizon’s testing because it’s too buggy. This differs from the version you’re already using…how? [Boy Genius]

• The T-Mobile G1 V2 may be made by Motorola instead of HTC? Nobody cares, since as bad as Motorola is with its handset division, HTC’s designs aren’t THAT much better. And it looks almost exactly like an HTC phone anyway, so it makes no real difference. Plus, it’s mostly going to be up to the software to make the phone. [Boy Genius]

• Here’s an internal Palm training video that shows you nothing you haven’t seen already. [Engadget]

• Researchers make a field guide for mobile phones to identify tree species based….Zzzzzzzzzz…wha?? Where am I? I should brush my teeth. [NYT]