Plus Minus Zero LCD Television Disguised As a Retro CRT

Man, I do not miss CRT televisions. In fact, I recently sold a 70 kilo monster that was collecting dust in storage. 70kg! Still, if you like retro style, the Plus Minus Zero is for you.

We've seen this product before, but it seems like it's finally available for import/sale now here.

Thankfully, the Plus Minus Zero features a compact 8-inch LCD screen tucked inside that retro CRT shell. It's a kooky throwback item that would be a stylish addition to a kitchen, workout room, office, etc. It also features a wireless receiver so you can stream content to it from anywhere in the house. On the other hand, the absurd $US1223 price tag means that most intelligent folks will opt for a decent-sized flat panel. [Japan Trend Shop via RGS]

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