Playstation VidZone Brings Music Videos To Your PS3

Vidzone XMB English.jpgSo it's not quite TV shows, movies or even the long awaited Play TV, but Sony yesterday announced that they're launching a new ad-supported music video channel on the PS3, which will stream music videos direct to your TV through the Playstation Network.The service - which will sit in the music category of the XMB on your PS3 after you download it - will offer music clips from a variety of record labels (not just Sony Music). It will also offer PSP connectivity, letting you remotely program playlists on your PSP that you can watch when you get home.

What will really be crucial for Sony's success in this space though will be an arrangement with ISPs, just like Microsoft has with iiNet, so the ad-supported free service doesn't end up costing PS3 owners in bandwidth. We'll just have to wait and see if anyone's prepared to jump on that opportunity when the service launches in the coming months.


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