Palm Pre Spotted in the Wild Back of a Sprint Store

Palm Pre Spotted in the <strike>Wild</strike> Back of a Sprint Store
This strapping, pixelated young gentleman—seen here posing with a similarly strapping, less pixelated Palm Pre—says he took these pictures in the back room of a Sprint store. Is the Pre launch imminent?

First, some lightweight forensics: With faintly recognisable Sprint logos scattered around the room, the photos do look like they were taken in the back of a Sprint store, or at least somewhere within the Sprint industrial machine. The EXIF data on the photos says they were taken with a BlackBerry 8330 yesterday evening. So far, so good.

For some reason, this guy didn’t feel the need to obscure his face (we’ve done it for him), which implies—though in no definite way—that he doesn’t really care much about his job, or the job of the friend who let him in, or whatever. Backwards ballcap dude isn’t an exec, factory worker or a person with special access who has his hands on a Pre: it’s just some guy at a local Sprint store. These pictures are squarely circumstantial as far as evidence of a launch goes, but hey, that rumoured early June date might not be so far-fetched. More pictures below. [Thanks, guy!]