Optus Clearing Out Old iPhone Stock With A Price Drop? (UPDATED)

Thumbnail image for iphone optus.pngJo Hanlon over at CNet AU is telling people that Optus are about to drop the price of the 8GB iPhone to $0 upfront on a $49 plan. Do you reckon they're clearing out stock before a new iPhone is announced or what?There aren't any more details than that at this stage, so we'll keep you posted when we hear more, but ultimately this is good news for everyone. People who can't afford the current plans (which will probably stay in place for any new Apple handset in the coming months) will be able to get some iPhone action at last; Optus will sell even more of the hot little handsets, and we'll be able to speculate and write about the next gen iPhone for months. See, everybody wins!

UPDATE: It's official. The 8GB iPhone is available for $0 upfront on a 24 month $49 cap plan, including 250MB of data, $300 worth of calls. The catch - It's a limited time deal, online only, which ends on May 24, or when stocks run out. Which makes us think that we were right with the idea that Optus are getting rid of excess stock... you can check out the details of the deal here.

[CNet AU]

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