Nostalgic Trekkies Can Cling to the Original Series With This Retro Tricorder Replica

J.J Abrams' Star Trek took the original characters in a new, wonderful direction, but that doesn't mean people still can't enjoy the boxy look of the original series with this sharp-looking tricorder replica.

Available at Amazon on June 4, this $US50 piece of retro goodness is the tricorder that started it all, and is the perfect gift if you're the kind of Star Trek fan who thinks Abrams is the devil.

As you fume silently at the screen when Chris Pine tears down years of your life by reinventing Capt. James T. Kirk, press a button or two on the comforting facade of this piece of television history. Then coo softly as the tricorder beeps and boops with sound samples from the original series. Sigh heavily as your fingers catch on its sharp sides. It's pain, yes, but it's a good pain!

When Spock and Uhura lock lips in a display of love that's an affront to the WAY THINGS OUGHT TO BE, simply remove the detachable scanner accessory and go on an extended away mission to the local 7-11. You'll feel better immediately.

And remember, this is a "role play" replica, meaning it's convention and cosplay approved!

But seriously folks. As Leonard Nemoy himself said of haters on SNL last night (alongside Pine and Zachary Quinto), "to not like [Star Trek]would make them dickheads." Fascinating.

[Amazon via Retro Thing viaCoolest Gadgets]

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