Nokia Takes On BlackBerry With The E75 Slider And Their New Email Service

Nokie e7502.jpgYesterday morning, Nokia showed off the new E75 sideways slider handset that Jesus got a look at back at Mobile World Congress. And while he thought it was a well made phone that lacked any really distinguishing features, the Aussie launch will coincide with Nokia's new messaging service, which brings push email to your Symbian device from any POP or IMAP account, including Gmail.Nokie e7505.jpgNokia Messaging, as their new email service is called, brings push email to all your POP and IMAP email accounts. By working with both large, free email providers and ISPs from around the world, Nokia are able to serve email from these other companies on their own servers, and push the message down to compatible Nokia phones. The service is essentially free - in that it will incorporated in data plans from all the different Telcos. Nokie e7501.jpg There's no way of knowing what kind of plans you can expect to see, but if you happen to own a recent high end (E or N series) Nokia handset, you can download the beta of the email service by pointing your phone at, which will be free until July.

The E75 (and all upcoming Nokia Messaging enabled phones) will also access corporate email through Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. The phone supports up to 10 different email accounts, and like the E71, you can switch between Work and Personal modes to keep yourself sane on the weekends.

The E75 will hit shelves today, and has an RRP of $979. We've got a unit here to play around with, so stay tuned for some thoughts over the next few days


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