New Zune Ad Obliterated Because, You Know, It's Stupid

Wes Moss. Certified financial planner. WSJ reader. Local host radio. Porcelain dog collector. Ultradouche. Jason nailed him. Now Penny Arcade has a take on the Zune Pass itself with the argument of the Zune ad.

They are kinda right, but they're not taking into account the 10 free songs you get a month under the pass.

Even if you take out the argument that you may already (legally) own all your iPod music in CDs, and even if you take out the argument that most people fill their iPods with pirated music, at the end, no matter what you do, you are paying for a temporary service. Once you stop paying, most of your music will be gone forever (the songs you didn't get for free every month that you get to keep). [Penny Arcade]

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