New PSP to Get Memory Stick HG-Micro Slot in Addition to On-Board Storage?

We've already heard the rumours about the new UMD-free PSP to be unveiled at E3. Now the rumours say that it might not be internal storage only, adding a Memory Stick HG-Micro slot as well.

So in addition to the 8 to 16GB of on-board storage for holding downloaded games, you'd also have a slot for a proprietary card that could hold more games or games purchased from a store. Memory Stick HG-Micro is fast, 40MB/s faster than a regular Memory Stick to be exact, which makes it fast enough to stream games off of.

It all makes sense to us, but it's all rumours at this point. Not too long to wait for us to find out. [PC World via Joystiq via Engadget]

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