New G.I. Joe Trailer Looks Like a Bizarro Iron Man Flick

While we should all be insulted that the new G.I. Joe movie wants us take Marlon Wayans semi-seriously, I can't hate all the Iron Man-like exoskeleton action going on in this new French trailer.

io9 has the full video posted on their site, which has some pretty cool imaginings of future military tech going on. Osprey-like, VTOL aircrafts that transform with ease, nanobots which devour the Eiffel tower, face masks that close up like Mark II's and oh yeah—crime bosses who live in underwater cities. I could do without the pulsing and flashing style lifted from the Terminator Salvation teasers, but whatever.

Check out the wonderfully low-res gallery of exoskeleton shots below, and be sure to check io9 for the full trailer. Is it just me, or does this movie look better than it has any business being?

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