NES and Rubik’s Cube Mice Now Exist

NES <em>and</em> Rubik’s Cube Mice Now Exist

We all know, if someone invented either a Rubik’s Cube mouse or an NES controller mouse, we’d post about it. But what if someone invented both at once?

(Obviously we’d still post about it.)

In a wave of intellectual heat generated by a combination of her brain and our story on this NES mouse, Jeri from dual-invented what may be the ultimate pair of geek mice. While the webcam feed does little to capture the beauty of either device, rumour has it that SLR cameras melted under the blinding glow of this double-optical-Holy-Grail.

Now, we’d never take full credit for someone else’s genius, but THANK GOD we were here to post that NES concept mouse, thereby causing the mental chain reaction necessary to make the real NES mouse exist today. (Shh, this one from 2007 never happened, people.) It’s OK, a hero needs no thanks. [The FatMan and Circuit girl via adafruit]