Moray Eel Torpedo Hunts Swimmers

This 5-foot long torpedo with a moray eel painted on its sides is the Reusable Unambiguous Swimmer Warning Vehicle. It's designed for one thing: To hunt enemy swimmers at 8 knots.

The torpedo is being designed as a way to hunt down potential terrorist or enemy soldiers trying to get into coast bases or near ships. For now, it's not lethal: It will only hunt swimmers, slowing down when it is near, and then circling its objective sending its exact position thanks to the built-in GPS.

Jim Pollock—project manager for the Integrated Swimmer Defence Program at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center—says that the Moray Eel torpedo is just "a candidate technology for a solution to deterring swimmers. It's not necessarily a solution that the Navy has picked at this point."

Defense Tech, however, speculates that while this may become a water surveillance drone, it may only be a matter of time for it to become a potential killer. I'm sure the military are not thinking about that at all. [Defense Tech]

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