Luxurious Meco HTCP Demands You Always Use a Coaster

You see that table on the right? That's not a table, it's a PC. Well... I guess it's sort of a table too. But it's also a PC.

Meco offers a series of home theatre PCs that look more than worthy enough to go in your average living room. The Vista-based, quad-core and i7 systems feature 8GB of RAM, 4+ TB of storage, ATi Radeon HD 4850 graphics, 7.1 surround sound with analogue and digital outputs and a wide variety of finishes.

Of course, the systems aren't exactly financiapocalypse-friendly. The case alone starts for over $US2000, with complete systems running between $US4k-$US5k. But I'm sure at least a handful of you will steal the design and build your own for like $US25 or something. [Meco via bbGadgets]

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