Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller For PS3/PS2 Hands On

Logitech's wireless PS3/PS2 guitar has a wood body, a wood neck, metal frets and a rosewood fingerboard, meaning its $US200 price tag brings you closer to the "rock" experience than normal Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitars.

It's definitely solid. We tried it out quickly and the weight of it was comparable to an actual guitar. The keys were clicky enough without being overly clicky—like the Guitar Hero 2 controllers—and the strummer felt solid enough. It'll take weeks of actual playing to see how well it stands up to use, but on the surface it's good.

The smaller touches, like the Start button, the Select/Star Power button and the metal frets seem to indicate that it's more quality than a standard Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar. For $US200, it damn well better be. [Amazon]

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