Lawn Mower Saves Man's Life From Misplaced Hand Grenade

A 39-year-old man who was mowing the lawn ran over a hand grenade, which proceeded to blow up. The man was not injured, however, because his trusty mower took the brunt of the explosion.

That's pretty much the whole story. There are no before-and-after shots of the mower, which may have in fact been the tractor shown below. There's no photo of the no-doubt dumbfounded dude, a gardener, as it happens, in Croatia. There isn't even an explanation of what the grenade was doing in the yard, save for the statement, from the Zagreb police, that "someone had thrown the grenade into his garden."

Know your enemies, buddy. Apparently, competition for this year's All-Croatia Flower-Growing Tournament is already heating up. [Croatian Times via Asbury Park Press (go Springsteen!)]

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