Klingon Anti-Virus Software Detects Romulan Activity

U.K. security firm Sophos has re-released their Threat Detection Test software, but with a slight tweak to use the new Star Trek's popularity to its advantage: The software has been translated entirely into the Klingon language.

The updated software, nicknamed Klingon Anti-Virus (KAV), only runs on Windows and is marketed as being the application to use when monitoring subspace transmissions "due to Romulan incursion into the Khitomer system." Surprisingly, the entire software was translated from English to Klingon by a person, "naHQun," not a machine. KAV will be available to download for free for the next 18 months, but unlike a full-featured anti-malware software, the free KAV download is just a malware scanner—not actually protection—so it won't be able to stop viruses from telling your PC that it neH Daq Sop lIj ghupu'. [Klingon Anti-Virus via ComputerWorld]

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